Smoothie & Café
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Welcome to OR Smoothie & Cafe
Because we care about your health, we proudly use:

• Organic juices and produce; organic avocado
cucumber, and fennel when possible.
• Organic milk, coffee, and flavored syrups
• Sea salt, Celtic sea salt
• Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and apple cider vinegar
• Raw Natural Sugar Cane and Beet Sugar
• Organic Maple Syrup
• Cold press olive and safflower oil
• Reverse osmosis water for cooking and ice
• No microwaves in cooking
• No MSG or refined cane sugar in any of our recipes
• Well balanced recipes using food combining
• Natural soap to wash smoothie blenders
6654 Clayton Rd
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Tel: (314) 647-8881